avvocato penalista alexandro maria tirelli

The Lawyer Alexandro Maria Tirelli was born in Naples on the 30th of July 1970 and is a member of the bar association of Torre Annunziata, Italy. He graduated in law at the University of Turin after receiving his Diploma at a High school for the Classics. He also has a Masters in Business Economy. Tirelli practices Criminal and Civil law and frequents the most important courts in all the major Italian cities as well as international Arbitration centers where he practices in defense cases. Mr. Tirelli was born into a family with international connections and has always had a strong vocation for international relations, in particular with the American continent. After his many years of experience he has become known as an expert in International Law and after founding his renowned Law firm, he, in 2010 created a department specialising in Maritime, Air and Aerospacial Law. To do this he put together a group of expert collaborators who are fast, dynamic and very determined to resolve the problems of the clients of the studio.

The establishment of the navigation department was strongly desired by Mr. Tirelli  in homage to his grandfather Vittorio Anastasio and to his maternal family who were a shipping family from Amalfi which possessed a small fleet of ships engaged in trade with countries around Iberia. An unavoidable fact to help understand the personality and vision of Mr. Tirelli: he has a deep knowledge of the political and economic reality of Central and South America, as he has spent a lot of time in the countries of these continents, developing interests in Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Bogotà and New York in particular. For these reasons he speaks and writes English, Spanish, Portuguese fluently as well as his own mother tongue, Italian.

Through the new department of Civil and Navigation Law Mr. Tirelli has put his assistants on hand , an instrument of dynamic, technical guidance, both modern and effective. Above all ready to defend the interests of clients and capable of responding 24/7 to their needs. Over the years Mr. Tirelli has constructed a series of relationships with important law firms operating in The United States, Great Britain, Spain and Holland as well as South American countries. In this way he is able to provide the necessary legal advice in every branch of law in various locations around the world.

The staff at Tirelli & Partners – secretaries and lawyers- can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The firm also has a Chinese interpreter and a Russian translator permanently available who are dedicated to relationships between the firm and clients from Eastern Europe and Asia.

Mr. Tirelli is on the list of Lawyers recommended by the American Embassy in Italy as well as the general consulate of Great Britain in Naples.

The decision to found this department was based on solid professional experience and its’ objective is the resolution of every legal problem, judicial and extrajudicial. The mission of  Tirelli and Partners is to provide correct advices to business, in national and international relations for its’ associates, contributing to  relocations, mergers and corporate transformations. The competencies of the Firm are, in fact strongly orientated towards international consultation, business consultation and in international trade.

In order to provide such a high level of expertise in the field the Firm works in close collaboration with more than 30 external correspondents, all carefully selected and capable of offering a strategic consultation from a tax and commercial viewpoint, naturally apart from the assistance offered on site, in the parts of the world relevant to clients.