diritto della navigazione

  • Loss of Cargo
  • Naval Mortgages
  • Collisions and Maritime Law
  • Shipping Contracts
  • Hire and Transport Contracts
  • Naval Insurance Policies
  • Merchandise Securities

The law of navigation is a system which regulates navigation and naval transport. The subjects associated with this field are: Navigation, Territorial Waters, Delivery, Commerce, Imbarkation, Crew, Port Rights, Shipping Insurance, Rights and Guarantees on registered mobile property.

All the different legislative bodies, the different “Flag laws(by nation) are configured in very different ways in the above mentioned areas regardless of the nationality of the ship. Infact a ship flying the Italian flag in the Persian Gulf would be subject to Italian navigation law, with criminal or civil consequences regarding the behaviour and discipline of crew. The Italian courts could refuse juristiction of ships flying a foreign flag